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Farrows at Scape The Ground Theatre, Singapore, 2017



FARROWS is dark and bewitching indie/house.

John Herguth is the founder, producer, and creative engine driving Farrows. John grew up in the New York and New Jersey punk scene. His primary influence, and perhaps defining to a degree, had always been the music that came out of Washington D.C. in the mid to late 80's, bands such as Rites of Spring and Gray Matter.

John's resume boasts various involvement in such acclaimed bands as Neil Halstead (Slowdive), Atlantic Pacific, The Walter Schreifels Band, and Spanish Waves.

Christopher Chartrand brings his talents to Farrows' live show to fill the sound and stage with an energetic spark.

Farrows is currently wrapping up their debut EP and plan on releasing with a respected indie label who shares the bands' vision and understand its creative ambition.



John Herguth
Keys / Lead Vocals

Christopher Chartrand